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Bod Pod Analysis

Bod Pod Analysis

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What are the benefits?

BOD POD: The world’s gold standard for fast, accurate, and safe Body Fat Assessment.

Based on Air Displacement Plethysmography, the BOD POD uses whole-body densitometric principles to determine body composition (Fat and Fat-Free Mass), guaranteeing high accuracy and excellent test-to-test repeatability.

BOD POD’s air displacement plethysmography eliminates the invasiveness of Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) and is therefore suitable for frequent, longitudinal tracking of body composition and metabolic changes over time.

What results will I receive?

You will receive immediate access to your results along with a 20-minute explanation from one of our health coaches.  Your results will include your total body fat and fat-free mass measurements.

What is the test protocol?

Prior to your Bod Pod test, there are a few important things to note:
* It is recommended you complete a two-hour fast prior to your Bod Pod test. This is to ensure accuracy.
* You must not consume alcohol or caffeine four hours prior to the test.

* Attire for the test: Women- compression shorts and a tight-fitting sports bra or bathing suit. Men- compression shorts or Speedo. Swim caps are required. The staff will have swim caps available for use, but please feel free to bring yours if you'd like.  You will be asked to remove shoes, socks, and all jewelry before the test.

* Body hair, particularly facial hair, may skew results.

* Your test administrator will measure your height and weight. You will be asked to sit in the Bod Pod for approximately 35-45 seconds for 3 rounds of measurement. You will not be able to move or talk. 

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