Runners Support, Daily Trainer

It's 6 am on Sunday, your alarm goes off and you get right up. You put on your favorite training clothes and sip your morning cup of coffee. Now it's time to lace up that trusty, tried, and true pair of running shoes that get you to the starting line each day, and give you strong finishes (most days), yup your pair of daily trainers. We all have them, they are those shoes that log all the miles, that do all the work while we train for those big races. Daily trainers are meant to be consistent, keep you from injuries and give you comfort on those tough days, easy days, and everything in between.

Just like your daily running shoes, our 'Daily Trainer' supplement will be the reliability and consistency you need for successful training. This product was designed to keep you going on the tough days and propel you to personal bests on good days. The goal of creating this supplement was to give you a product that you can take every day to support the needs of your body. Loaded with Tumeric to keep your joints feeling consistently good, and to counteract the pounding you put on your knees while you train. Potassium and Magnesium were added to keep your body hydrated and focussed while you run, allowing you to stride longer distances. Taurine is to give you a boost of energy and help you get out of the door when your motivation low. Vitamin D is added to support your bones, and boost your immune system for fewer days off. Lastly, NAC (N-Acetyl L-Cystine) was added because it boosts an important antioxidant in our bodies called glutathione, which allows our lungs to function optimally. Whether your running in the cold, or in humid weather, NAC will help improve your endurance and allow you to breathe easier, and more controlled.

Runners Support Daily Trainer can be consumed an hour before you go on your daily run, and over time you will find it becoming a necessity in keeping the running machine you call your body, performing at the highest level. Just like the daily trainers you wear, this supplement should keep you healthy, and prevent you from missing days of training.