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MCT Oil Powder

MCT Oil Powder

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  • MCT OILS ARE CRUCIAL FOR THOSE IN KETOGENIC DIET: Low in carbs yet high in fat, the unique fats used in medium chain triglyceride oil help the body to stay in the fat-burning state, ketosis. This provides the body with more energy.
  • INSTANT SOURCE OF ENERGY: MCT oils are easily absorbed and transported through your body, used as an instant source of energy, or converted to ketones to fuel the brain. They are considered a super fuel since the body absorbs them faster than LCTs. Medium chain triglycerides, coconut oil that has been distilled into its most quickly absorbed form, gives you the benefits of coconut oil as well the many MCT oil benefits you've likely heard of.
  • IDEAL FOR ATHLETES AND EXERCISE: MCT oil powder reduces lactate buildup in athletes during exercise, and helps the body use more fat instead of carbs for energy. This, in turn, increases fat burning during exercise and therefore endurance. After hearing all of these health benefits, you're probably wondering where to buy MCT oil. How about right here, at VeraWella!
  • GREAT TASTE, BETTER NUTRITION: With every serving of this powdered MCT oil supplement, you get the same authentic natural taste of the best MCT oil, not too sweet or creamy. This no sugar diet supplement offers you only the essential nutrients you need from pure MCT oil. 
  • CONVENIENCE: In every canister, you receive 10 packets of MCT oil powder. Easy to prepare, our MCT supplement can be served with any meal or as a standalone meal. Clean, mess-free, and nutrient-rich, just how you like it. Now MCT oil can be taken wherever you go! With our powdered MCT oil, nutrition has never been easier.

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