About us

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25 years ago in October of 1998, Gryphus Diagnostics began their journey in the medical device industry developing ground breaking rapid diagnostic tests in women's health. With a manufacturing facility developed with the stringent FDA requirements at the foundation, Gryphus Diagnostics was ready to impact the women's health industry via dietary supplements. Gryphus created VeraWella (Truth in Wellness) with a commitment to transparency about ingredients, avoiding proprietary blends, harmful sweeteners, preservatives, and fillers.

VeraWella's lineup started with a focus on women's health, particularly helping the hormonal balance needed for consistent menstrual cycles to aid with healthy pregnancies. Our product lineup has grown to be quite diverse with products ranging from Lactation Support to our mood enhancing supplement, Pure Happiness and to our athletic performance line, Pure Endurance. 

Our team in Knoxville, TN is a diverse group but have in common a passion for life, serving and blessing others, and helping others find a path to wellness.