Runners Support Review: FueledbyLOLZ

Runners Support Review: FueledbyLOLZ

We wanted to share a review/blog post done by Hollie, or better known by @fuledbylolz on instagram. She gave our products a shot and then gave us an honest, unbiased review. 
Verawella Runners Support Review

Recently I tried the Verawella Runners Support Vitamin bundle. While I believe that no vitamin will fix someone’s diet, I appreciate it when brands focus on runners and make specific products designed for runners.


Verawella Runners Support Review

About Verawella:

Verawella designs products that are made for you. They are carefully sourced and specifically tailored to help you meet your goals. They don’t include added fillers, and everything is made in-house.

About Verawella Runners Support Vitamin Bundle:

The Runners Support Vitamin Bundle is designed to get complete coverage of your training. It’s intended to support all areas of your running. They include the “daily trainer,” “starting line,” and “recovery.” Each works to enhance your overall running experience.

Verawella Runners Support Review

Daily Trainer:

The Daily Trainer consists of Vitamin D3, Magnesium, Potassium, Taurine, Turmeric Extract. It’s designed to keep your body healthy and strong.

Starting Line:

My love for beets is fairly apparent everywhere I go. The starting line supplement is bright red and contains both beetroots as well an oxide booster. This allows better blood flow, and research shows you perform better.


As you know by now, recovery is equally as important, if not more, than the actual workout. The Recovery contains both creative and tart cherry to help you recover faster.

Verawella Runners Support Review

My experience with the Verawella Runners Support Vitamin Bundle:

With any supplement brand, I try to give it roughly a month before I gather my thoughts and write a review. In the beginning you feel as though everything works, but does it really? All of the information sounds good, but does it do something?

Since beginning to use the product a month ago, I have felt better running. Now that could be a combination of things, including slightly cooler weather or using the product, but I have felt better.

Pill Digestion: Each of the supplement pills is easy to take. That’s important, and I don’t feel like they are too challenging or weird to ingest.

Cost: $50

At $50 per month, this is one of the cheaper vitamin bundles of similar products that I’ve seen. I don’t think you should necessarily choose cheaper all of the time when it comes to vitamins, but it is more affordable for the same quality as more expensive competitors.

Verawella Runners Support Conclusion:

I think the Verawella Runners Support Vitamin Bundle is a good product. If you find yourself wanting to help recover faster, you could benefit from it.

You can shop the Verawella Runners Support Supplement Blend here.

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Questions for you:

What kind of supplements do you take?

Do you like beets? 

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