What is Glucose Support?

Glucose Support originally started as our dietary supplement to aid those needing help managing blood sugar and insulin resistance. It has only two ingredients; DHB Purus* (dihydroberberine) and Ceylon Cinnamon. 

DHB Purus is our version of dihydroberberine, with purity over 95% compared to most dihydroberberine supplements having 50-60% purity. 

While benefits of DHB Purus are vast, it is not a miracle supplement. If you are on a weight loss journey, it will be a great piece to your routine but not the only piece. You will still want to limit sugary and processed foods, analyze portions, and get regular exercise.


Studies have shown Dihydroberberine to have the following benefits:

  • potentially aids in fat and weight loss
  • may improve insulin resistance and blood sugar levels
  • 5x more bioavailable than berberine, aiding gut health
  • may store carbohydrates in muscle cells as glycogen instead of fat
  • potentially assists with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
  • may increase Ketones - keto-friendly
  • might aid in antiaging 
  • potentially helps in the treatment of PCOS
  • has been shown to aid in appetite suppression

More about Dihydroberberine

Dihydroberberine is a metabolite of berberine (a natural chemical found in many plants, barks, and roots) - which means as berberine works its way through the digestive system, your body turns it into dihydroberberine. Again, some of you might still ask, what does that mean? A common side effect of berberine is GI distress because it's hard for your gut to metabolize. In our manufacturing facility (FDA-registered and Good Manufacturing Practices-certified) in Knoxville, TN, we break down berberine into DHB so your gut doesn't have to. 

*DHB Purus is a registered trademark of Gryphus Diagnostics, LLC.